Thursday, April 21, 2011

Provision of 15-minutes reading and planning time allowance to the candidates of Chartered Accountants Examinations (Effective from May-2011 CA Examin

The Council of the Institute, based on the recommendation of the
Examination Committee has decided to allow 15-minute reading
and planning time allowance to the candidates in the Chartered
Accountants Examinations before the scheduled commencement
of the examinations
i.e, if the examination commences from 2.00 PM,
then the candidates will be given Question Papers at 1.45 PM.
This reading time will not be available for CPT and all post
qualification Courses Examinations.

The objective of providing question paper 15 minutes before
the scheduled time is to:
(i) Enable the candidates to read the question paper
thoroughly (without encroaching on the examination duration) and
(ii) Chalk out the strategy to answer the questions.

Candidates are required to note the following in this regard:
(1) The candidates will not be allowed to leave the Examination
Hall under any circumstances from 1.45 PM to 3.00 PM.
(2) The candidates shall be allowed to enter the hall from
1.30 PM upto 2.30 PM only.

Any breach of the above requirements would be treated as
adopting Unfair Means by the students concerned and applicable
disciplinary action would be taken on such erring students.

( G. Somasekhar)
Additional Secretary(Exams)

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