Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I-T commissioner held for graft


Mumbai:The CBI officials on Monday arrested income-tax commissioner Daya Shankar while he was allegedly accepting Rs 2 lakh from a businessman to reduce his Rs 1.5-crore tax liability.
The CBI allegedly found Rs 8.5 lakh at Shankars Hyderabad Estate residence in south Mumbai,said Rishi Raj Singh,joint director,CBI.
Shankar,an Indian Revenue Service officer from the 1983 batch,is posted as I-T commissioner at its Bandra-Kurla Complex office,and hears appeals against tax demands on assessees.For financial year 2008-09,the income-tax officer (ITO) had raised a Rs 1.5-crore tax demand on the copper wire manufacturer. The businessman appealed against it before Shankar who allegedly demanded Rs 25 lakh.After negotiations, the bribe amount was allegedly reduced to Rs 2 lakh.The CBI officials said Shankar owns properties in Delhi,Gaziabad and Lucknow and that they are currently collecting details about these.
A CBI official said that even the ITO had asked for an approximately Rs 5 lakh bribe.He did not pay the sum and decided to appeal against the order before Shankar, a CBI official said.Shankar allegedly threatened to attach the businessmans immovable properties if he did not pay up.Shankar had already frozen the businessmans bank accounts.
The CBI said the businessmans chartered accountant (CA) is a witness in the case now.He was present when the money was paid. The official said it would not be proper to comment now on whether the CA was no more acting as the agent of the I-T commissioner. CBI has investigated several cases where the CA acted as an agent of officials in accepting bribes.In this case,the official directly demanded the sum.
Singh said his office gets at least one corruption complaint a day.In July,the CBI had arrested another I-T commissioner in charge of appeals,Ram Phool Meena,for demanding Rs 2.2 lakh from a businessman to reduce his tax liability.The CBI had also arrested his CA U P Pai for acting as the middleman.The CBI has asked the public to contact them on 8108224455 in case any Central government officer demands money of them.

Case Details

Daya Shankar,an officer from the 1983 IRS batch,is posted as I-T commissioner at the Bandra-Kurla Complex office
For financial year 2008-09,the income-tax department had imposed 1.5-crore tax demand on a copper wire manufacturer The businessman appealed against it before Shankar,who allegedly demanded 25 lakh as bribe After negotiations, the bribe amount was allegedly reduced to 2 lakh

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